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My Last Remembrance Day Service

I don’t know why I did it. Deep inside I knew it would be painful and upsetting, but I went along anyway. I guess I had hoped that Remembrance Day events in New Zealand would be a little less militaristic, … Continue reading

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There is no justification for Hiroshima – or the possession of nuclear weapons

I am so tired of arguing about whether the atomic attacks on Japan were necessary for ending the war, or whether they might have saved the lives of thousands of American soldiers who would have otherwise had to invade the … Continue reading

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Glimpsing the Reality of War

One reason why war seems like a permanent condition of our world, and why it persists as an established social institution, is because it is wrapped up in layer upon layer of lies and distortions, until it is seemlessly transformed … Continue reading

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Iraq: Ibrahim al-Yussuf (age 12); Jalal al-Yussuf (age 17); Hashim Kamel Radi (age 22); Fateha Ghazzi (age 8); Nada Abdallah (age 16); Khowla Abdel-Fattah (age 70); Faris El Baur (age 11); Saif El Baur (age 11); Marwa Abbas (age 11);  … Continue reading

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Why I wear the White Poppy, not the Red Poppy

I would wear a red poppy if it was a symbol of remembrance for all the victims of war, and not just the ones who did the killing. By excluding the non-military victims of war from remembrance, the red poppy … Continue reading

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The Remembrance of War

Lest We Remember: Ode to a Dawn Ceremony   RICHARD JACKSON   I War is young men lying in the mud with their intestines spilled on the ground crying for their mothers; War is an unwilling conscript buried alive under … Continue reading

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The Costs of Militarism

A recent article by Joshua Holland for Enduring America provides a salutary analysis of the financial costs of recent military spending and war. It notes that since 9/11, the US has spent $7.6 trillion on the military and homeland security. … Continue reading

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