Music matters – the great Richard Marggaf-Turley playing a classic blues number with a little help on lead from me. – a clip from an awesome blues jam with a bunch of talented guys, including Richard Margraff-Turley. Richard on vocals and guitar, and me on lead. Jamming on the blues is one of my hobbies; there’s no better way to de-stress, apart from fly-fishing, which is equally relaxing. – a song about the London riots in August 2011, written by my talented wife, with me on guitar and David on vocals. –  This was written for the Aberystwyth Community Arts Centre theatre group, ‘Castaway’ in 2009 for their production of The Wonderful World of Dissocia by Anthony Neilson. This song was sung by most of the cast and featured a dance set to the haka. Vocals on the track were for rehearsal purposes only. With special thanks to Richard Jackson for his stunning guitar playing and for the chord sequence, and to Matt Claus for his vocals and inspiration. Michelle. – A comedy song about coffee Lewak we wrote and performed with Michelle, Fiona and Alan in Hamilton in March 2011.

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