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Understanding the Oslo Attacks: “It’s the Violence, Stupid!”

It is very doubtful that Anders Breivik is insane; terrorists very rarely are, because they would not be able to effectively carry out their attacks if they were prone to anxiety, doubt, depression, mania or mental instability. If we want … Continue reading

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A Letter to the Norwegian Government following the Oslo Terrorist Attacks

Dear Prime Minister Stoltenberg, I heard your press conference and I can appreciate that you want to react cautiously to the latest terrorist outrage by Christian fundamentalists. I respect that you do not want to compromise your country’s values and … Continue reading

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The Oslo Bombing and the Theatre of Terrorism

Terrorism is a drama, a kind of deadly theatre. It is a political and cultural spectacle. And at this moment as I write, and the television plays endless pictures of the rescue efforts and talks to endless experts, officials and … Continue reading

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The World’s Most Warring Nation

The history of US foreign policy is a violent and bloody one, although this is not necessarily the dominant perception of most Americans. From the frontier wars of subjugation against Native Peoples to colonial wars against Mexico, Spain and the … Continue reading

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