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The Real Meaning of Christmas

The real meaning of Christmas is family and friends. It’s a time to re-forge the bonds between you and your special group – your family and friends, not others. Forget about the stranger, the lonely, the foreigner, the mentally distressed; … Continue reading

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How I was radicalized; or, the effects of opening your eyes

It’s a typical story. There’s nothing unusual or exceptional about it, despite what the so-called ‘experts’ will try and tell you. It’s a well-worn path that so many of life’s travellers have trod leading from a kind of blissful ignorance … Continue reading

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The Great Con of National Security

It may have once been the case that being attacked by another country was a major threat to the lives of ordinary people. It may also be true that there are still some pretty serious dangers out there associated with … Continue reading

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Politics, Politicians and Other Reasons to Stop Voting

I have recently returned to New Zealand after 9 years of living in the United Kingdom. One of the most striking similarities between the two countries I have noticed is the almost complete failure of the political class to discern … Continue reading

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Newspaper Stories from the Other Foot

Imagine if the media did not uphold Western racism and bias. Imagine if the shoe was on the other foot in the treatment of minorities and current events. You might get stories such as the following: The Aotearoa Times, 20 … Continue reading

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The Beast They Call the Revolution

In 1988, I painted a series of pictures for a module on the sociology of peace and justice taught by Kevin Clements at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. The pictures were my attempt at a creative interpretation of some … Continue reading

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Guns, Dogs and the Weapons Effect

It is my custom on a clear summer’s day to go cycling along the beautiful Ystwyth Trail near where I live. The track attracts walkers, cyclists and no small number of dog owners, all eager to experience the peace and … Continue reading

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