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A Self-Inflicted Wound; or, The Burden of Scholarship

I once spent a year studying all the violent international conflicts between 1945 and 1995. Fifty years of people killing, raping, torturing, terrorising and brutalising each other. It was research for an encyclopaedia of international conflict. It was a great … Continue reading

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Stupid Questions for Pacifists

One of the stupidest questions I often get asked when I openly question the utility and morality of organized violence for settling political conflict is: if an evil man came into your house and tried to kill your wife, would … Continue reading

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Amputations and Crocodiles: Counter-Analogies of Political Violence

It is common for politicians and commentators to use analogies and metaphors to describe and explain acts of political violence. Medical analogies are particularly common, such as the notion that terrorism is a ‘cancer’ or that aerial bombing can be … Continue reading

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In Memorium: Jacob Bercovitch (1946-2011)

Professor Jacob Bercovitch of the University of Canterbury, New Zealand, passed away recently. He was an outstanding scholar who has left a tremendous legacy in the wider field of peace and conflict studies. Through his teaching and research, he influenced … Continue reading

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